Günter Stapelfeldt is creating his pieces by hand using only his own design. This does make each a very unique piece of jewelry.
But he also does transform the ideas of his customers with a strong and serious dedication and with unusual sensibility for beauty into a fine piece of jewelry.

For his own work this goldsmith does only use 18 carat gold or Sterling Silver. But as far as orders are concerned he of course does use all the other common alloys of precious metals.
He also uses only precious stone as there are - saphires, emeralds, rubies, garnets, turmalins, amethysts, opals, turqoises and many others.

After working in various fields of art and artistic creativity, he moves in 1975 to the mediterrean island of Ibiza. There, from the dutch goldsmith John Ek, he does learn his craft.

Together with he is one of the founding member of the international group of goldsmiths called "GRUPO AMOR" with which he is even mentioned in the enceclopedy of the island.

On Ibiza he does for some years his own atelier and small shop.

Since May 1997 his creations are to be see at the ag-Galerie which he does run together with his wife. On the same premises he also does have his workshop.