Calligraphy - The art of writing with beauty.

Antje Stapelfeldt does cultivate a silent art. For hours she is sitting over her papers and with acribic dedication she does put one handwritten letter after the other.
As a tool she not only uses steel or brass pens bot also walnut-shells, rocks, cork or pieces of wood - tools and materials which make possible for the most beautiful forms of calligraphic and lettering designs.

After finishing her studies at art school she does specialize in many seminars with renowned master calligrapher Prof. Martin Andersch in the art of calligraphy and lettering design. Furthermore came studies with the hindu master callygrapher Achyut Palav and chinese master calligrapher Xiang Guan-Xi and also courses with internationally renowned calligraphers.

Her imaginative lettering designs and calligraphies consistent of words, poetry, words of wisdom or also a complete alphabet of a classic script are artistic interpretations and examples full of variations of something called: The art of writing with beauty.
This activity she does feel as meditation and an extraordinary possibility to absorb beautiful words.

Antje Stapelfeldt also does work as a graphic designer in asvertising.